Android App Testing

Usability testing by real users with real devices

Note: Not currently signing up new testers

How elusivestars works

For Developers:

  • You provide the Apps, we provide the testers.

  • elusivestars handles App distribution, collects feedback and give you actionable data.

  • The testers you select typically begin providing App reviews within a few hours.

  • Feedback is categorized so you can easily identify which areas to improve.

For Testers:

  • Testing is easy, just use the App like you would any other, then complete a review.

  • When selected to test and App you have 24 hours to test and review the App.

  • Your feedback gives Developers the information they need to improve their Apps.

  • Make a little extra cash

App Discoverability and more 5 Star reviews

elusivestars exists to make your Apps more successful.

– Improve your Apps success by quickly obtaining actionable feedback from real users with real devices. Then use the insight to make improvements resulting in better App ratings.

– Increase App discoverability by instantly reaching 100’s of early adopters.

Client Testimonials

Wow! only took minutes to post a test. What’s really cool is that I did not need my own testers, and I was able to select the mobile devices that I wanted to test on.

– Felix Gubitz – Droidtastic GMBH

elusivestars was a tremendous help in identifying where our app excelled — and where we should put more focus. They will be a critical part of our app development in the future.

– David Ritland – Pixeltrix

elusivestars is a godsend for App developers. It’s as simple as that. elusivestars is a must for any application that we are planning to release. Thank You, elusivestars for making this possible!

– Jeff Sorrentino – Soren Systems, Inc


App Icon A/B Testing

App Icons are one of the most impactful elements in the decision to install your App. Testers rate up to three App Icons per test giving you the information you need to make the right choice.

Actionable metrics

Testers complete a review using 9 categories so you know exactly where to focus your improvement.
Each Category is specifically designed to give you an understanding of how a user feels about your App.

Real users with real devices

Focus on your Apps, not on finding testers or managing tests. elusivestars gives you instant access to thousands of real users with real devices ready to provide you with actionable feedback.

Select devices by type, OS …

Select the devices you want your Apps tested with using selection criteria such as OS versions or API level.

App testing Indie Developers can afford

It’s simple – $5 per test, 5 tests minimum


Have questions, suggestions, concerns? Please let me know.


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Pete Oliveira with lots of great Open Source software, most of his spare time, Google, Stack Overflow and a credit card.

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