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Instantly access real users with real devices

for Android (iOS coming soon)

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How it works

Developers - You provide the Apps, we provide the testers

It only takes a few minutes to post your App. We handle App distribution, collect feedback and give you actionable data. The testers you select will typically begin providing App reviews within a few hours. Feedback is categorized so you can easily identify which areas to improve. Check out the video for more details.

Welcome, this video shows you how elusivestars helps you improve your Apps from a users viewpoint. Our goal is to help you achieve "better Apps & more Stars"

After you post your project testers are notified, they download, install and test your App.

After testing, they complete a review using 9 categories so you know exactly where to focus your improvement. Each Category is specifically designed to understand how a user feels about your App. For example if a user does not trust your App, they probably will not install it.
Your App icon is one of the first things the user sees, which is why you have the option of A B testing up to 3 icons per project.

As reviews are completed you can see the details in your Dashboard along with an overview of your Apps Category Ratings. For those times when the review does not provide sufficient detail or if you want to say thanks for an exceptional review, you can use our message system to contact the tester.

You can mark devices as favorites for easier use in future projects. By Rating reviews you help to identify the most valuable testers.

And finally you can view the device details associated with the review.


Testers - Discover new Apps & engage with Developers

As a tester you have the unique opportunity to test Apps, many before they are available elsewhere. Testing is easy, just use the App like you would any other, then complete a review. Your feedback is critical as it gives Developers the information they need to improve their Apps.

App testing Indie Developers can afford

It's simple - $5 per test, 5 test minimum

For a limited time - $2 per test, 5 test minimum

Reviews from App Developers

Some kind words from some of our awesome clients

Wow! only took minutes to post a test. What's really cool is that I did not need my own testers, and I was able to select the mobile devices that I wanted to test on.

Felix Gubitz
droidastic gmbh

elusivestars is a godsend for App developers. It's as simple as that. elusivestars is a must for any application that we are planning to release. Thank You, elusivestars for making this possible!

Jeff Sorrentino
Soren Systems, Inc

elusivestars was a tremendous help in identifying where our app excelled -- and where we should put more focus. They will be a critical part of our app development in the future.

David Ritland

Some of the things you can do

Leverage actionable data to give your Apps the edge


App Icon A/B testing

App Icons are one of the most impactful elements in the decision to install your App. Testers rate up to three App Icons per test giving you the information you need to determine the winner.


Choose testers by demographics

You have the option of selecting a specific subset of testers. For example you may have an App that is age or location specific.


Select devices by type, OS version, manufacturer, etc

Target test devices using many specs such as OS versions or API level, rooted devices and even devices with specific sensors like a gyroscope.


Thousands of real users with real devices

Focus on your Apps, not on finding testers or managing tests. elusivestars gives you instant access to thousands of real users with real devices ready to provide you with valuable feedback.

Questions and Answers

Have more questions? Contact us

Yes, we offer 100% money back guarantee, for any reason.
So we can improve our service, all we ask is the reason you are requesting a refund.
Our members are never charged for Apps they are testing

1 – Only Members whom you select for your project have access to the App.

2 – You can choose to allow Members to only use the App during testing period (honor system).

3 – You can choose to enforce licensing or expiration via code.

4 – You can also allow testers to keep using the App for free.
How many tests you should order depends on your goals.
Here are some guidelines:

1 – Market acceptance
The purpose of this project is to get a glimpse of how many stars your App may receive in the Market.
You need as many devices as possible to reduce the margin of error.

2 – Device compatibility
Select the devices which cover the device types and versions you want to validate.
For example you could setup a project with 5 API’s, 5 Vendors, some tablets and some rooted devices

3 – Target demographic
This type of project seeks to understand your target market and pricing.
As part of the review, our Members will indicate if they would use the App and how much they would pay. For this type of project you need as many devices as possible (to cover wide demographic).
For a smaller set of devices, you could select a specific demographic in order to validate your assumptions.

NOTE: we allow you to pick demographic info, but currently do not have a way to visualize the results.
When your balance reaches $10 we send you a payment using Paypal.
We wait until you have $10, this is due to payment processing fees.
If it is taking too long to reach $10 let us know and we can process an early payment.
Absolutely NOT!

The value of your review for the Developer is by your providing honest feedback just like you would if you were providing feedback in the App store.
The only difference is that if you remove a star, you should provide information as to why. This provides the Developer the detail necessary to improve the App.

The reviews are private and only the Developers who posted the App can see them.
Before you install Apps you should install antivirus software

If you have concerns about the App
– Review the Developers website.
– Does the Developer have other apps on the market?
– Are the App permissions appropriate?